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I bought the book Soldiers of the Great War, complied by W. M. Hausee, F. G. Howe, A. C. Doyle, copyright 1920 at a library book sale in Seattle.

It is a three volume set and contains many pictures of the WWI men who died or were wounded in that War.

What I intend to do is place this book online free...
I want to use thumbnails and 100 dpi shots. I need to create an index of the picture pages to allow these pages to be indexed by online search engines. I've already scanned the picture pages and the printed index... What I need is help in creating the index pages These are the shots I'm using.
no 210
211 index
212 index
213 index
214 index
215 index
216 index
211 work
212 work
213 work
214 work
215 work
216 work

new presentation
211 work2
212 work2
213 work2
214 work2
215 work2
216 work2

The pages marked work are OCR reproduction of the index pages... with all the errors you can get from OCR... transferred into notepad What I need is this material sorted out into some kind of database that would offer these fields

rank   surname   given name   town   status page   page  

so information starts like this

Captains ANDERSON, James A., Summit. BARRETT, Blanton, Atlanta. BATTEY, Louis Legardo, Augusta. HENRY, Dickson Robert, Atlanta. MUNRO, George N., Buena Vista. OVERTON, Macon C., Union Point. PERRY, Cecil P., Dublin. WILLIAMS, Jewett, Athens. Lieutenants ALLEN, Charles B., Atlanta. ANDERSON, John W., University City. BAUER, Koy L., Atlanta. BREWSTER, Eldon F., College Park. BREWSTER, Joseph S., Esom Hill. BYRD, George H., Lawrenccville. CANADY, Guy Wesley, South Atlanta. CLAXTON, James H., Montezuma. COCIIRAN, Robert J., Camilla. EVANS, Beverly D., jr., Savannah. GEORGE, Calvin, Atlanta. GILLESl'IE, Henry T., Maysville. GOLDS-MITH, Carl, Atlanta. HALL, Asbury J., Adel. HAKRISON, Charles S., Columbus. HERRINGTON, William G., Nunez. JONES. I'ercival C., Midville. KLNdERY, James Rountree, Summit. KROEGER, Harry Augustus, Atlanta. LEVIE. Walter H., Montezuma. MADDOX, Joe Glenn, Barnesville. MATI1IS, John D., Americus. MONTGOMERY, diaries, Atlanta. OWENS, Justus Erwin, Carrollton. I'ARHAM, Albert W., Gainesville. ROBERTS, Jabus B., Monlicello. ROSS, Henry Thomas, Brunswick. SIMPSON, Albert B., Waverly Hall. SMITH, Robert D., jr., Atlanta. SUMMERS, Davis K., Jonesboro. SU-l'TON, Wiley C., Atlanta. TATE, Edmund B., Elberton. WALLACE. Robert Owen, Jr., At

would look like this in a database (each separation=a field)

rank  	surname   given name   town             status page   page  
Capt	Anderson, James A.,    Summit           KIA    211
Capt	Barrett,  Blanton,     Atlanta          KIA    211
Capt	Battey,   Louis        Augusta          KIA    211

Lt     	Allen,    Charles B.,  Atlanta          KIA    211
Lt     	Anderson, John W.,     University City  KIA    211
Hopefully we would be able to send either a Microsoft Works database or Excel

How long will this take... All the name's spelling needs to be checked against the original image and all the picture pages need to be cross checked and added to the index... and there are pictures of guys who aren't in the index that need to be added... So I'm goin' to say that this project could take a While...

What will I do with it... I'm goin' to place it online with Faces From the Wall in the military section I'm adding.
Who am I... I am member of the USGenWeb Project since 1996 and am currently serving as an AB member.
Abbreviations you should know
K.A. Killed in Action
D.D Died of Disease
D.W Died of Wounds
D.A Died of Accident
W.A Wounded in Action

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Thank You

Darilee Bednar