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Handling and Managing Your Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Businesses have to close their doors because of the coronavirus pandemic. They are losing profit and clients. It is an unthinkable reality for industries around the world. But here’s another thing that creeps into our consciousness: “What if we have to lay off employees?” Whether you’re a month or two months into temporarily closing down

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Effective Strategies for a Healthier, Longer Life

It is believed that longevity and good health are mostly determined by a person’s genes. But contrary to popular belief, it turns out that the key to living a long, healthy life depends more on external, controllable factors such as your attitude, diet and lifestyle. Here’s what you can do to live a longer, healthier

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Fuel Efficiency: Ensuring Your Fleet’s Safety from Petrol Theft

Even though the pandemic has triggered an overall decrease in the prices of petrol, fuel costs are still high for fleets. Because of this, there’s a need to save on petrol consumption. However, would you even be able to achieve it in the face of fuel theft, due to which you may pay much more

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Easy-to-Follow Steps to Get Your Rental Business Going

Usually, the most successful type of business is known for helping people from all walks of life. Still, there’s not one business out there who does not benefit from having a well-thought-out strategy. Business plans are known for being useful for many startups and enterprises that most investors would fall head-over-heels for a well-crafted plan.

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Time Over Tradition: Is It Time to End Dangerous Traditions and Practices?

Different societies hold different traditions. For the most part, traditions are simply a different way of living or a set of beliefs that a group shares: in the United States, for example, tipping is considered a norm for sit-down restaurants. But in Japan, it’s considered rude to tip your waiter because it’s like you’re telling

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