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Effective Ways You Can Boost Your Online Pharmacy Business

Some years ago, big-box pharmacies were taking over the industry, but nowadays, the sector is starting to see a trend of small and independent businesses taking over. However, like with any niche, startup pharmacies don’t last long without maintaining proper operations, marketing, and customer interaction. In fact, the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) revealed that

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How Your Business Can Make a Difference Amid COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 doesn’t show any sign yet of ending, even as several big-name pharmaceutical companies have developed vaccines and are now taking orders from governments across the world. The industry is among the many industries that have stepped up and went to great lengths to help the concerted efforts to fight the ill effects

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Cybersecurity: Why Should You Prioritize It Now?

Global corporations continue to face cybersecurity risks, threatening their reputations and growth. A survey shows that 23 percent of respondents reported they experienced seven or more cyberattacks in 2020. Additionally, 83 percent of the respondents said that the chances of success of cyberattacks in the next 12 months are “somewhat” to “likely.” Being a victim

5 Marketing Strategies That No Longer Work Today

Just like everything else in this world, customer behaviors, markets, and technology evolve over time. That said, “best practices” for marketing will be ever-changing as time goes by, meaning there will likely be no permanent marketing strategies for any business that wants to change with the times. However, not every business seems to have gotten

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Factors Affecting Career Development

Society asks children what they want to be when they grow up. Going through school, students are expected to discover what kind of profession they want to get into. Eventually, the time to decide on a college or university comes, setting up the career path of many young aspirants. Career and profession are obviously very


How Social Entrepreneurs are Dominating Today’s Modern Consumers

These days, entrepreneurs are not simply in it for the money. More and more people are investing in different business ventures with two main goals. One is to gain enough revenue to grow a successful brand. The other is to fulfill a corporate social responsibility. But why be a social entrepreneur when one can simply

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Situations Where a Landlord Insurance Is Essential

Starting a business in the rental property industry is always a smart move because there is no shortage of people looking for potential homes. This makes becoming a landlord with your own property a wise career choice and long-term investment because you can be your own boss while getting passive income. But the upfront costs

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4 Healthy Habits You Can Add for Your Life

You will feel stuck in an endless cycle of responsibilities in life. Because of your numerous errands and duties that will keep you busy, it can get exhausting and demotivating to get to the end of each day. You will also find that achieving success could force you to make a lot of sacrifices, especially

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