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How to Get a Higher Injury Claim from Insurance Companies

Dealing with an accident or crime can be a difficult time. There are plenty of legal aspects involved which you need to be informed of. It’s easy to find a personal injury attorney or a criminal defense lawyer, but going through the entire legal process can get pretty challenging, frustrating, and emotional at the same

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Everything You Have to Prepare for Before Filing for Divorce

Once you have decided to get a divorce, you should take every precaution to protect yourself, your finances, and your family. You should get organized, record everything, and prepare to open up about your personal life to your attorney. It is exhausting to have to deal with divorce proceedings but with preparation, you should be

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Co-parenting in the Time of COVID-19

The global pandemic has disrupted more than world economies, tourism and business. It has also affected families and personal relationships. Couples who do not live together may have to endure several weeks or months of separation, and people may have to suspend many of their social activities such as birthdays, anniversaries and reunions until social

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For Divorcing Couples, Keep It as Civil as Possible: Here’s Why

While the divorce rate in New Mexico is lower than the US average, some of these separations can be bitter. They can be so aggressive they can end up in court battles. There’s a good reason divorcing couples might have to in Albuquerque. These professionals can significantly reduce the chances of a more painful process.

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