Juggling Work with Schooling

The colleges and universities are renowned around the world as among the best. They are also impressive in terms of research and development. Some universities are even ranked among the top in the world. Due to this, many students aim to get a slot in these universities to help their careers in the future. One

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father and child

Creating a Distance Learning Nook for Your Kids at Home

The pandemic has changed the way every facet of society works, including education. According to a report from the United Nations, the health crisis will affect almost 1.6 billion students of all ages. It will happen in over 190 nations throughout the globe. Schools all over the world are employing different methods of reducing the

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playing piano

How to Get the Most of Your Piano Practice

As people progress in their piano training, the natural tendency is to put in more practice hours. It’s easy to think that the longer you practice, the better. And that could be true in some cases. This is especially prevalent in music schools, where it’s not uncommon to see students practice for at least six

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